Welcome to Appalachia

Every continent on the planet has mountains, some mountains are famous, some are not. Some mountains even have their own mythology and some mountains are peaceful and welcoming to visitors. There are majestic peaks that reach to the sky and challenge explorers to reach their summit simply by existing and there are some mountains that have offered their inhabitants protection from outside invaders. The people who live in the mountains have a specific kind of love for their home, a certain rugged nature that leads them to live in the very embrace of Mother Earth. Every mountain range has it's own special culture that thrives there that is unique to that area. This blog is going to share with you, the reader, the unique and colorful culture of life in the Appalachian Mountains.

Running along the Eastern Coast of North America from the Canadian Province of Newfoundland to central Alabama in the Southern United States, the Appalachian Mountains are believed to be one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world, if not the oldest with the New River, in Southern West Virginia, believed to be the second oldest river in the world, outstripped in age solely by the Nile. They were a rich hunting ground for Native American tribes and hold their own mythology that is known to few outside the region. They are lush and green with a rolling, comfortable feel that belies the harshness of the landscape and hidden dangers that can await the unprepared. They have been the setting of many stories and even a few well known movies, such as "Cold Mountain", "Rocket Boys" and even "The Hunger Games" and are now able to boast being the setting of the Newest Fallout game, "Fallout 76" by Bathesda. The Appalachian Mountains can even boast their own living version of Romeo and Juliet retold through the historical drama on Netflix's "Hatfields and McCoys."

And so I welcome you, to the Appalachian Mountains and I invite you to take my guided tour of our home, learn some of the vernacular, meet some of the wildlife and partake in our history, our culture and learn what it means to be a real Hillbilly. Those who live here, love it and we hope, you will too.